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April 24, 2018
On April 24th (Tuesday), Impact! will be turning 12 years old! So I'm giving presents to you!

What started as a weekend hobby is now a full time job and while my family still juggles to pay all the bills ... its a job that is a joy to have and I really enjoy working with my customers.

To celebrate my company's 12th birthday, I'm offering four discounts and gifts to my customers related to the number #12

1) Any sale made on April 24th, I will refund 12% of the product amount on April 25th.
2) Any sale of $120.12 USD or more after the 12% discount will get an extra 12% off.
3) For every 12 sales the store has during April 24th, I will pick out one random person and that person will get an extra 12% off (in addition to the 12% already being given back on the 25th).
4) Finally ... every order of $12.00 USD or more in product will be entered in a chance drawing to win an extra prize shipped with their order. The prize will be a prototype copy of the Roman Halfling fantasy football team that is being worked on for a KickStarter planned in to launch in May (20 Halflings and 2 Trees for $35 ... 32mm scale team) (or Chibi Trojan Horse or 24 dice D.O.U.S set)

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