Razorbacks team range

The Calicos Marshlands are a dangerous place. The Razorbacks divided their society into two classes to deal with this danger. The Gruts who perform the day to day work around their settlements and Hunters who gather the food and defend them. Now that certain members have left and starting playing Elfball this division of labour has proved very useful.

Razorback Elfball Team (12 figures)

RB_ETM - £45.52

Razorback Team #1 (12 figures)

RB_TM1 - £26.58

Hausien Swinetaur

RB_HSWT - £12.30

Razorback Expansion (4 figures)

RB_EXP - £8.86

Razorback Midfielder

RB_RB1 - £2.33

Razorback Hunter

RB_RB2 - £2.33




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